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Cycle of seminars: Economical Solutions for Sewage Treatment and Disposal in Developing Countries (by professor Eduardo Pacheco Jordao)

pubblicato 2 ott 2018, 07:30 da Giovanni Vinti
We are pleased to announce the Cycle of seminars on Economical solutions for sewage treatment and disposal in developing countries, held by prof Eduardo Pacheco Jordao  from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and visiting professor at DICACIM, University of Brescia. 

Save the dates: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 11th October 2018.

Brief presentation of prof Dr Eduardo Pacheco Jordão:

Engineer Eduardo Jordao is a Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ,
School of Engineering, Dept. of Water Resources and Sanitation.
Dr. Jordao holds a PhD. degree from the University of Sao Paulo (Brasil), a M.Sc. from the
University of Wisconsin (USA), having his B.Sc. from Universidade do Brasil, in Rio.
As a registered and professional engineer, he has worked as consultant for the most
important projects of wastewater treatment plants in Brasil, such as the Alegria WWTP (5
m3 per sec), and in other Latin American countries, such as Colombia and Paraguay.
He is author of a well known book on wastewater treatment (Tratamento de Esgotos
Domesticos), already in its 8th edition, 15000 copies sold, and has received important
awards, such as the Hatfield Ward, conferred by the Water Pollution Control Federation
(USA), for outstanding performance in works operation, management and advancement of
knowledge in the field of water pollution. He is an Honorary Member of the Water
Environment Federation, in the USA, and authored more than 120 papers.

Seminars are free of charge, but the attendance has to be confirmed sending an email to

All the seminars will be at DICATAM, via Branze 43, Brescia
Giovanni Vinti,
2 ott 2018, 07:30