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Dr. Eric D. van Hullebusch - Cycle of seminars for PhD students and researchers

pubblicato 26 apr 2018, 04:25 da Giovanni Vinti   [ aggiornato in data 26 apr 2018, 07:47 ]

We are pleased to announce updated calendar of seminars of Eric van Hullebusch, visiting professor at DICACIM, University of Brescia (Via Branze 43 - Brescia), in May 2018. 

8 May 2018 - 10:30 - 12:30 (Room B1.1): Innovative recovery strategies of Critical Elements from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). 

9 May 2018 - 9:30 - 11:30 (Room B2.4): Material and energy recovery from municipal organic waste in developing Countries

Brief presentation of  Prof. Eric D. van Hullebusch: 
Eric van Hullebusch is Professor of Environmental Science and Technology and head of the Pollution Prevention and Resource Recovery chair group in the Department of Environmental Engineering and Water Technology at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands. He has a Ph.D in Aquatic Chemistry and Microcrobiology from the University of Limoges in France. Prof. van Hullebusch has worked in the Netherlands as Postdoctoral Researcher at Wageningen University & Research and in France as Associate Professor in Biogeochemistry of Engineered Ecosystems at Université Paris-Est. His current research interests are in the development of ecotechnologies for resource recovery from waste streams (organic solid waste and industrial waste streams)

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